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中原彩票鱼虾蟹:第一篇: 高中英语作文

  As can be seen from the result of the survey,opinions are divided. About 60% of the students hold the opinion that life in senior high school is far from relaxing. The reason are as follows. Firstly, the subjects they are learning now are obviously more difficult. Besides, they have to do endless homework after class,which leaves them little time for exercise and other activities.  On the contrary, others say they have adapted to the new life and have begun to enjoy it. They say that they find the courses are more interesting and the activities are more colorful, which surely benefit them a lot.  As far as I concerned, we should balance our study and other activities and do everything efficiently. Only in this way can we learn more and enjoy our life better.


第二篇: 高中英语作文

  I have a dream from childhood. I want to be a journalist when I grow up. A journalist can do a lot of things. I prefer to go out rather than stay beside the desk. As a journalist, I can often go out to do interview or search news. In a word, if I am a journalist, I can usually go out for work. This is what I want. Secondly, I want to stand in the first line of the world, and not want to be out. Journalist is the bridge to collect news. This is a good way fit for my interest. Thirdly, I want to be useful for the society. I think making a variety of news well-known to all common people is kind of a useful person. At least, being a journalist, I would not be a useless person. Last but least, I want to help people. As a journalist, I can reveal some people’s difficulty to appeal the help of people from all walks of life. For example, if I report the difficulty of a poor family, it may cause the attention from other people and then automatically donate to them. In general, to be a journalist is very proud for me. I will try my best to reach my dream.  我从小就有一个梦想。当我长大后我想成为一名。可以做很多的事情。我宁愿出去外面跑也不愿意呆在桌子旁边工作。作为一名,我可以经常去做采访或搜索新闻。总之,如果我是一个,我就可以出去外面工作。这正是我想要的。其次,我想站在世界前线,而不想落后。是收集新闻的桥梁。这种方式很适合我的兴趣。第三,我想成为对社会有用的人。我觉得让各种各样的信息总所周知的人算是有用的人。至少,作为一个,我不会是一个没用的人。最后,我希望能够帮助别人。作为一个,我可以揭露一些人的困难,呼吁社会各界人士的帮助。例如,如果我把一个贫困家庭的困难告知大家,这就可能会引起他人的关注,然后主动帮助他们。总之,对我来说,成为一名是一件很自豪的事。我会尽我最大的努力去实现我的梦想。


第三篇: 高中英语作文

  One afternoon, when my classmates talked happily and loudly with each other, I kept silent in my seat. I felt so sad because I got a low mark in the exam.  When I was deep in thought, Panda, one of my best friends, and monitor of our class, said to me that it was my turn to clean the classroom. Hearing that, I was so angry that I lost my temper. Standing up and throwing the book onto the desk, I went straight to get a broom and left him looking at me confused.  A few seconds later, I calmed down and realized that I had behaved badly just now. I decided to make an apology to him after class. But I had no courage to do that. Thus, we didn’t speak to each other for several weeks.  Considering it was my fault, I planned to break the ice between us. Then, a good opportunity came. One morning, there were only a few students left in the classroom, including Panda and me. I walked towards him slowly thinking about how to make an apology. When I sat opposite him, he gave me a smile. Then I encouraged myself to open the mouth and said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have ...” To my surprise, Panda said, “What’s up?” Then he continued with a big smile, “We are good friends all the time, aren’t’t we?”  Maybe he had forgiven me; maybe he had forgotten that matter. However, it is certain that the ice between us has melted.


第四篇: 高中英语作文

  have you ever been fed up with the boring life in the city? should you be tired of the crowded roads and endless noises, you might want to have a glimpse of the primary forest with me.  as soon as you open the mysterious door of the forest, you may ask,“ have i entered the palace or the paradise?” the breath-taking scenery makes you forget everything but eploring what the forest has to offer. with tens of thousands of trees surrounding you, straight or winding, tall or short , you feel like floating on the ocean of green.  all kinds of fragrant flowers lie peaceful and shy under the leaves. take a close look at them , and you can even see the fresh drops of water ,which makes the flowers look like beautiful girls who have just had a bath. the most enjoyable thing is to feel the thick fog among the whole forest, which makes the view of the living creatures disappear at times.  when the sun comes up, the fog rises at once .the dreaming image is then replaced by the lively scene. a wide variety of birds are singing happily in the trees. lots of little animals are running busily across the paths. wander in the forest, you will have the feeling of returning to nature.  well, in addition to enjoying the scenery on the ground, keep an eye out for the sky! the clear blue with pure white will give your eyes a feast .


第五篇: 高中英语作文

    Spring Festival is my favorite among all the Chinese traditional festival. The first reason why I love it the most is because I can get lucky money on that festival. It is the Chinese custom that the old will give children lucky money on Spring Festival to wish a good luck for the young generation. Moreover, people everywhere on those days are full of happiness. Quarrel, fight and abuse are almost disappeared at that time. Meanwhile, my mother will make a big meal for us to celebrate. Everyone will forget the unhappy thing they meet, instead remembering to appreciate life to wish a better future. That is my favorite festival.  春节是中国传统节日中我最喜欢。我最喜欢它的第一个原因是因为我可以得到压岁钱。老人会在春节给孩子们压岁钱来祈祷年轻一代能有好运气是中国习俗。此外,中原彩票鱼虾蟹:在那段时间里到处都充满着快乐。争吵,打架和辱骂几乎都听不到了。而且我妈妈会给我们做一顿大餐来庆祝。每个人都忘记了那些不开心的事,而是记住了感激生活,希望一个更美好的未来。这就是我最喜欢的节日。

第六篇: 高中英语作文

  The Yangzte River is the longest river in China. And it’s important and helpful to us Chinese. But these days the Yangtze River is bringing us serious floods.  Many villages were destroyed by floods. The floods made hundreds of millions of people lose their homes, relatives and friends. Many children can’t go to school as usual .Now the foods have drawn the attention of the whole world. People from abroad have offered their help too. In China, millions of soldiers are busy fighting against the floods. They are working very hard. Many of them have lost their lives in their attempt to save the villagers.  Though we can’t help them to fight against floods, we should help them to rebuild their homeland. We can present them our pocketmoney and clothes. I believe most of the people will return to their homeland in the near future.  长江是中国最长的河流。而且它是重要和有益的,以我们中国人。但这些天,长江也给我们带来严重的洪涝灾害。  许多村庄被洪水冲毁。洪水使成千上万的人失去了家园,亲人和朋友。许多孩子不能上学和往常一样。现在的食品已经引起了全世界的关注。国外的人也给予了援助。在中国,上百万的战士忙于与洪水战斗。他们都很努力。他们中许多人在他们的企图救村民失去了他们的生命。  虽然我们不能帮助他们抗洪抢险斗争中,我们应该帮助他们重建家园。我们可以提出他们口袋里的钱和衣服。我相信大多数的人都会回到自己的祖国在不久的将来。


第七篇: 高中英语作文

  Internet has changed they way we live, it faciliates our lives with high effeciency. We use computer to work and to keep in touch with our friends. The new technology brings the challenge of the traditional way of reading. Many young people prefer ebook and I am the fan of it.  互联网改变了我们的生活方式,从而使得我们的生活效率高。我们使用电脑来工作,与我们的朋友保持联系。新技术给传统的阅读方式带来了挑战。许多年轻人更喜欢电子书,我是它的粉丝。  Since the coming of the ebook, I start to avoid using the printed books. The ebook has a lot of advantages, first, it is very convenient. There are all kinds of sources, I can find what I want to read, and then just download. What’s more, I can read the ebook anytime, I just need to take out my smart phone and open it. While the printed book is not convenient to take away, it is heavy.  自从电子书的出现,我开始避免使用印刷书籍。电子书有很多优点,首先,它很方便。有各种各样的来源,我可以找到我想要阅读的,然后下载。更重要的是,我可以随时阅读电子书,只需要拿出智能手机,打开它。然而印刷书籍不方便带走,很重。  The new function of ebook attracts me a lot. Some ebooks now was equipped with the voice, we can listen to it. Sometimes I will be tired of reading books with my eyes, because my eyes will not feel well for reading a long time. Then I can open the MP3, listening to the voice and think about the story.  电子书的新功能非常吸引我。现在一些电子书是配备了声音,我们可以听。有时我看书看到厌倦了,因为我的眼睛长时间看书会感到不舒服。然后我可以打开MP3,听声音和思考着故事。  Ebook is the new way of reading, it will be more popular.  电子书阅读的新方法,它将更受欢迎。


第八篇: 高中英语作文

  veryone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I want it to become a beautiful painting, it is not only sharp colors, but also the colors are bleak, I do not rule out the painting is part of the black, but I will treasure these bleak colors! Not yet, how about, a colorful painting, if not bleak, add color, how can it more prominent American? Life is like painting, painting the bright red color represents life beautiful happy moments. Painting a bleak color represents life difficult, unpleasant time. You may find a flat with a beautiful road is not very good yet, but I do not think it will. If a person lives flat then what is the point? Life is only a short few decades, I want it to go Finally, Each memory is a solid.  每个人都有自己的梦想,我也一样.但是我的梦想不是律师,不是医生,不是演员,甚至不是一种行业!我的梦想也许大人们会觉得可笑,但是,这是我一直追寻的!我的梦想是想要自己有一个七彩的人生!我要它成为一幅美丽的画,它不但要有鲜明的颜色,也要有暗淡的颜色,我不排除这幅画有一部分的黑色,我反而会很珍惜这些暗淡的颜色!不是吗,试问一下,一幅色彩鲜艳的画,如果不加一点暗淡的颜色,又怎能更突出它的美呢?人生就象画一样,画中鲜艳的颜色就代表着人生美丽快乐的时光.画中暗淡的颜色就代表着人生遭遇困难,不愉快的时候.也许你会觉得拥有一条平坦美丽的路不是很好吗,但我并不觉得.一个人如果一生平坦那有什么意思呢?人生只有短短几十年,我要他走到最后时,每一个回忆都事充实的!



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